The Foundation

The aim of our foundation – as stated in
our charter – is “the long-term promotion of democracy with a special emphasis on citizen-oriented, participatory and direct-democratic developments worldwide”.

The Swiss Democracy Foundation, ­founded in February 2016, is based in Lucerne, ­Switzerland. It is inscribed in the register of companies of the Canton of Lucerne with the number CHE-463.845.413 and is supervised by the Swiss Confederation (Federal Department of Home Affairs) according to Article 84 of the Swiss Civil Code.

In common with the European Democracy Foundation, based in Bochum, Germany, we stand for greater participation of citizens in the political process, democracy, tolerance and international understanding.

The Swiss Democracy Foundation is led by a four-person board of management. They are supported by an international advisory board.

The Swiss Democracy Foundation is currently supporting projects and organisations in the fields of consultancy, education, development, media, research and networking at all political levels.

The Swiss Democracy Foundation is not a pure awarding foundation. Financial contributions can only be made in coordination with our current partners or - in the case of new projects - if projects are funded mutually.

In order to develop our foundation we need a solid financial underpinning and are thus dependent on donations.