about us


STEFANIE BOSSHARD (Managing Director)
Born 1987 in Switzerland


Since January 2022 Stefanie Bosshard is the director of the Swiss Democracy Foundation, setting up the Foundation's office in Bern, Switzerland.

Until the end of 2021, Stefanie Bosshard was the director of the Federation of Swiss Youth Parliaments, the non-partisan umbrella organization for political education and political participation for youths and young adults in Switzerland. In her previous positions, the educational scientist worked in education policy, among others for the Swiss Federal Department of Economic Affairs, Education and Research EAER.

The focal points of her professional and voluntary commitments are the connections between education, participation and democracy, the engagement of young people in direct democracy, the promotion of a culture of democratic discussion and the creation of platforms for innovative ideas in politics.

Born 1991 in Switzerland


Jérémy Schmid joined the Swiss Democracy Foundation in October 2023. He works mainly on the SDF's national projects and supports the development and profesionalisation of the Berne office. He also supports Stefanie Bosshard in general communication, administration and organisational tasks.

Having graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Business Psychology, Jérémy is currently studying for a Master's degree in European Studies and Politics & Sociaty at the University of Fribourg. During his exchange semester in Jerusalem, he realised what a privilege it is to live in a stable democracy. For his Master's thesis, he is investigating the influence of conspiracy ideologies on democratic systems and institutions.

FLORENCE TESTORELLI (Student temporary employee)
Born 1998 in Switzerland


Florence Testorelli was an intern at the Swiss Democracy Foundation from September 2022 to March 2023. She has been supporting the Foundation as a student temporary employee since April 2023. She was mainly responsible for the preliminary project: "Exploration for the establishment of a promotion fund democracy education", which the SDF is carrying out in collaboration with the Mercator Foundation Switzerland.

Until summer 2022, Florence Testorelli studied International Relations for her Bachelor's degree, with a focus in political science at the University of Geneva. The exchange semester in Lithuania in spring 2022 showed her, what privilege it is to grow up in an existing direct democracy.

Furthermore, she is a board member of Slow Food Youth and passionate about the association.