Funding and supporting

The Swiss Democracy Foundation is engaged in democracy worldwide with a special emphasis on citizen-oriented, participatory and direct-democratic developments.

The Foundation supports currently the following projects and organisations:

Democracy International

Democracy International is a global umbrella organisation of individuals and organisations who are committed to the long-term development of democracy.

Link zur Internetauftritt Navigator der direkten Demokratie

The Navigator to Direct Democracy

The Navigator to Direct Democracy is a so far unique online tool which assembles data from around the world on direct democracy.

Riff Reporter

RiffReporter is a media collective founded in 2016. Its working concept is that of a platform and cooperative infrastructure for free journalists everywhere.

Zur Homepage des Initiative and Referendum Institute Europe (IRI Europe)

IRI Europe

The Initiative and Referendum Institute Europe (IRI Europe) has been advising governmental and non-governmental institutions and organisations on questions of direct democracy and citizen participation.

Link zur Webseite des Global Forum on Modern ­Direct Democracy

Global Forum

The Global Forum on Modern Direct Democracy is a global conference taking place at one or two-year intervals and focussing on direct-democratic citizens’ rights. The next editions of the Forum are under preparation and planned to take place in Switzerland and Mexico.