Direct Democracy Navigator

The Direct Democracy Navigator is an international research project on the procedures and practices of modern direct democracy worldwide. It is the world's largest online database for democracy currently documenting around 2.000 instruments of direct democracy in more than 100 countries on the national, regional and local leves.

Over the past decade, it has developed from a small crowd-sourced instrument to a full-fledged database and research project. In spring 2021, a new phase of this project has begun. The two hosting organisations, the Swiss Democracy Foundation and Democracy International e.V, are joined by the Liechtenstein Institute. The new cooperation serves to further develop the Direct Democracy Navigator for the requirements of the 2020s. The Direct Democracy Navigator's four main activities pillars are dataset, research, communication and networking.

Basic research and expert knowledge on direct democracy contribute to the further development of democratic co-determination in a comprehensible and transparent way. Democracy knowledge is provided for with the claim not to conduct science only for science, but to be publicly accessible and comprehensible. With its open access strategy and independent expertise on the topic of direct democracy, the Direct Democracy Navigator addresses actors from civil society and the media.